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The GripTester

“Authorities should endeavour to ensure that appropriate skid resistance is provided across the whole network, both for safety reasons in respect of skidding and to provide a defence in case of litigation”.

(Code of Practice for Maintenance Management, published by The Institution of Highways and Transportation)

The GripTester is the world’s leading trailer based continuous surface friction measuring device. Since its first inception 20 years ago GripTester is in operation worldwide being used every day to make the world’s airports and highways flow safely, reducing the risk of wet skidding incidents.

 The GripTester provides a safe, flexible, accurate and economical way to measure:

  • The skid resistance of all classes of roads and pavement types
  • Continuous wet/dry skid resistance

 If you require more technical information please download the GripTester datasheet or contact us for more information.

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